In order to generate more entrepreneurs, to reduce the burden for corporates and to generate jobs, RNS Institute of Technology, Channasandra, Dr.Vishnuvardhan Road, Bengaluru 560 098, started Entrepreneurship development cell.

RNSIT – Entrepreneurship Development Cell (RNSIT-EDC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Entrepreneurial Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Regional office, Bengaluru on 31st January 2017 to execute its entrepreneurial activities. EDII is a nodal agency associated with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India to implement entrepreneurial programs at science and technology colleges.

  1. In the year 2017, RNSIT-EDC was organized seven Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) that were three days each, and covered approximately 900 students from Engineering and Management background. During this program Industry experts, angel investors, alumni entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs from the domain of food, waste management, and engineering addressed students.
  2. A core inter-disciplinary team was constituted that comprises faculty members from different branches of engineering and management, this team attended 12 days’ faculty development programme (FDP) organized at AIET, Mangalore during 17th-28th July 2017.
  3. For the year 2018, one-year diploma programme is designed to deliver hands-on experience for the students in the area of their interest. Also, 12 days’ faculty development programme (FDP) is planned to implement entrepreneurial skills among the faculty of science and technology.

RNSIT-EDC Committee members

  1. Dr. T Sreenivasan – Head, Committee
  2. Dr. Vipula Singh – Committee member
  3. Dr. U Bhojanna – Committee member
  4. Dr. G T Raju – Committee member


  1. Dr. Santosh Basavaraj
  2. Dr. Suresh D – Dept. of ECE
  3. Mr. Vasanth Rao K P – Dept. of ME
  4. Mr. Srinivas Biradar – Dept. of CSE

Departmental EDC Coordinators

  1. Mr.Bhavani Shankar K – Dept. of CSE
  2. Ms. Chethana J – Dept. of ECE
  3. Mr.Ameen Sadiq – Dept. of EEE
  4. Mr.G N Srikanth – Dept. of IT
  5. Mr.Madhusudhana H – Dept. of ME
  6. Dr.Prakasha S – Dept. of ISE
  7. Mr.Chandan G S – Dept. of Civil Eng

Student Committee members

  1. Mr.Sagar – Dept. of ME
  2. Ms.Shreya Katkol- Dept. of MBA
  3. Mr.Sai Prashanth- Dept. of MBA
  4. Mr.Subham – Dept. of CSE
  5. Mr.Ravi – Dept of ME
  6. Ms.Prathima Anand – Dept. of IS
  7. Mr.Abhishek S – Dept. of ISE
  8. Mr.P Venkata Vivek – Dept. of ECE