Imparting conceptual knowledge and managerial skills in a Learning environment of high academic ambience to be in the forefront of Management education and Research.

  • To develop professionally competent managers with social concern and high moral values.
  • To offer inputs to the corporate world in enhancing productivity through research and consultancy and act as a nodal center for development.
  • To impart management skills and capabilities with ample scope for individual growth.
  • To carter to corporate world by enhancing entrepreneurial skills among students.


One of the key contributors to an effective and intensive learning experience is living on campus. RNSIT is equipped with excellent residential facilities that strengthen the feeling of belonging and provide students the necessary impetus to a more cohesive learning environment. Besides encouraging a better peer group interaction for group study and non-classroom activities, it also promotes an informal atmosphere for student-faculty interaction. Hostel has a Warden from the teaching faculty of the college who is responsible for the discipline, maintenance of building, allotment of rooms etc. The hostel staff consists of caretakers/ block supervisors, other attendants and maintenance staff. Complete safety and Security is ensured inside the Hostels and the Campus by Installing CCTV.

RNSIT has separate hostel facility for boys and girls. Reservation will be based on registration for the course with the Admissions Office. Reservation of rooms will be done after the students are accepted for the course.