Imparting conceptual knowledge and managerial skills in a Learning environment of high academic ambience to be in the forefront of Management education and Research.

  • To develop professionally competent managers with social concern and high moral values.
  • To offer inputs to the corporate world in enhancing productivity through research and consultancy and act as a nodal center for development.
  • To impart management skills and capabilities with ample scope for individual growth.
  • To carter to corporate world by enhancing entrepreneurial skills among students.



“Building RNSIT into a world-class institution.”


  1. Attracting quality Students and preparing them with a strong foundation in fundamentals so as to achieve distinctions in various walks of life leading to outstanding contributions
  2. Imparting value based, need based, choice based and skill based professional education to the aspiring youth and carving them into disciplined, World class Professionals with social responsibility
  3. Promoting excellence in Teaching, Research and Consultancy that galvanizes academic consciousness among Faculty and Students
  4. Exposing Students to emerging frontiers of knowledge in various domains and make them suitable for Industry, Entrepreneurship, Higher studies, and Research and Development
  5. Providing freedom of action and choice for all the Stake holders with better visibility




To be among best business schools in India, with emphasis on social and ethical values together with  strong research orientation, outstanding communication, leadership and entrepreneurial skill.


We are committed to building professionally competent, ethically and socially committed, graduates who will be ready to face the challenges locally and globally.

This will be achieved by:

  • Solving business complexities using business case studies.
  • Establishing a strong industry-institute interface.
  • Enhancing entrepreneurial skills of students and providing high social and ethical values.
  • Giving a strong research orientation to solve social and business problems


  1. Possess essential analytical and critical thinking skills to make graduates confident to solve business and social problems.
  2. Engage and succeed in professional career through team work, ethical behavior, proactive involvement and effective communication.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of lifelong learning through personal/professional development and sustainability.
  4. Assume managerial, leadership and Entrepreneurial roles in their organizations and communities.
  5. Foster higher learning and succeed in academic and research pursuits.


  1. Acquire sufficient theoretical knowledge and are enabled to apply them to solve practical problems in business and other organizations/institutions  of importance
  2. Apply effective communication skills with a high degree of lateral and critical thinking that enhances learnability, developed for being continuously employable.
  3. Demonstrate leadership qualities, ethically sound, enabled with decision making skills that reflect a high degree of social consciousness
  4. Recognize the need for sustained research orientation to comprehend a growingly complex, economic, legal and ethical environment
  5. Possessself-sustaining entrepreneurship qualities that encourages calculated risk taking.