S.No. Name of the Research Scholar Year of Registration Title of the study Name of the Research Supervisor
1 Mr. Ajit V Deva 1RN17PBA02 2017 Development of a conceptual framework for the acceptance of Telemedicine services by Physicians Dr U Bhojanna
2 Mr. Rahul Gupta 1RN17PBA01 2017 Building Loyalty in Marketing channels Dr U Bhojanna
3 Mr Bharath Bhushan 1RN18PBA03 2017 Rural consumer buying behavior towards select FMCG products with special reference to Ramnagara and Bengaluru rural district Dr U Bhojanna
4 Mr Divakar Gowda 1RN18PBA02 2017 Impact of Logistics on the supply chain process towards retail industries in India Dr U Bhojanna
5 Mr. Manjunath N 1RN19PBA01 2019 Impact of Intrinsic Motivation and Institutional Support on Faculty Research Productivity. Dr U Bhojanna
6 Ms. Mahadevi 1RN19PBA05 2019 A study on the impact of career indecision on job satisfaction (with special reference to engineering and MBA students in Karnataka) Dr U Bhojanna
7 Ms Jeswini Vivian 1RN20PBA03 2021 Impact of Digital Marketing Development on the growth of SME’s in Bangalore Dr U Bhojanna
8 Ms. Dheeba J 1RN17PBA03 2017 The effect of Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction, Performance and Commitment Dr Tamizharasi D
9 Mr. Sumanth Kumar N 1RN17PBA04 2017 Performance evaluation of pre and post mergers and acquisitions of selected companies in India Dr Tamizharasi D
10 Ms Ashwini T K 1RN20PBA01 2021 Financial Literacy portfolio choice and financial well being of young IT professionals Dr Tamizharasi D
11 Ms Pavithra 1RN18PBA05 2018 Role of microfinance in Women Empowerment: Comparative study of the rural & Urban poor in Bengaluru Dr G V M Sharma
12 Ms. Suchitra 1RN18PBA04 2018 Impact of Gen Z Mindset on workplace productivity with special reference to public & private sector banks Dr G V M Sharma
13 Ms. Archana J R 1RN19PBA04 2019 Analyzing the impact of HRIS implementation on HR personnel’s career advancement, Job satisfaction and turnover intention on IT sector in Bangalore Dr G V M Sharma
14 Ms. Arthi Meena 1RN19PBA02 2019 Implications of the Digital work engagement interventions on employee loyalty and corporate citizenship behavior Dr G V M Sharma
15 Ms. Vipanchi V 1RN19PBA03 2019 Pooled financing through market borrowings in the Urban Local bodies in Karnataka Dr Satya Swaroopa
16 Mr Chandan L 1RN20PBA02 2021 Influence of behavioral biases on investment decisions of IT professionals in Bangalore Dr Deepak Kumar Ds