S.No. Name Title Research supervisor Year
1 Dr Leela M H Paradigm Shift in Consumer preference and selection of life insurance policies Dr U Bhojanna June 2016
2 Dr Archana P Consumer behavior towards online shopping of Apparels in Bengaluru city” Dr U Bhojanna March, 2021
3 Dr Meena Devi K “Impact of Organization culture on Performance and Job Satisfaction” Dr Tamizharasi March 2022
4 Dr Srikanta H N Employee retention strategies in private sector industries: A study of select private sector units in Bengaluru Dr G V M Sharma March 2022
5 Dr Vinay H V A Study on the Impact of Behavioral Biases of Investor on Portfolio Selection Dr G V Kesava Rao March 2022
6 Dr Raveendra Babu A Study on Determinants of Stock Prices in India Dr G V Kesava Rao March 2022